Break Free

I am delighted my debut Album “Break Free” has now been published.

A three year project, 11 tracks, 8 original tunes, 4 collaborations, 3 cover tunes. 6 Musicians, 1 Producer/Engineer*, lots of advice, a few retakes, 1 re-write, numerous lunches, 1 early morning drizzly morning photo session, 3 trips to Jordans Village for 1 beautiful Steinway, with Ben’s mobile recording studio, numerous trips to Ben’s Storehouse studios. *an earlier song recording from song writing course, 1 graphic designer and lots, lots more.

I had the joy to work with the following musicians on this project, all where/are amazing:

Ben Bastin on Bass, Rebecca Nash on Piano, Matt Fisher on Drums/Tablas, Kristian Borring on Guitar, Nick Malcolm on Trumpet, Backing Vocals written and sung by Amelia Tucker.

Ben Bastin also produced, recorded, mixed and mastered this Album.

* “I know you” was a track recorded in 2012 at the Premises Studios by Jason Howe, featuring: Barry Green on Piano, Kate Stephenson on Drums and John Steel on Bass.

Photo’s by Tim Beaton, Artwork by Andy Wallis.

Buy Break Free on CD

If you would like a CD, please email me your name & address to

A CD costs £10 (incl post and packing), payment through either:

  • PayPal
  • Pingdit (07814 375960)
  • or I can give you my BAC details via email.

I’ll happily sign any copy, so if you’d like this just say.

Unfortunately I can only send to a UK address.


Available from iTunes.

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